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Taurus Metal Injection Molding

Metal Injection Molding. MIM is the best option for complex shape applications.
Excellent for high volume, MIM enables mass production of intricate, highly detailed parts and structures


Many design and economic limitations of traditional metalworking technologies find the best alternative in Metal Injection Molding. MIM is the best option for...

Design Guide

The following information does not constitute a limitation for projects that has the potential to be manufactured by MIM; We have experienced in many cases...

Materials Guide

Material, Material Classification, Hardness, Yield Strength Mpa, Tensile Strength Mpa and Application are listed here, please see the table for a quick review and selection...


The MIM process starts with the feedstock which is the powder material composed of metal and thermo plastic binders that will be extruded in the injection machine...

Quality is in our DNA

Over the past 60 years Taurus has been innovating and leading the market with new manufacturing technologies that are implemented into quality products recognized worldwide. Taurus’ MIM (Metal Injection Molded) parts are commercially available at a realistic, affordable cost.