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Over the past 60 years Taurus has been innovating and leading the market with the new manufacturing technologies that are implemented into quality products recognized worldwide. Taurus’ MIM parts are commercially available at a realistic, affordable cost.


Taurus’ technical staff can work with you for the initial development of the part, providing technical insight to take full advantage of the MIM process capabilities.

  • At Taurus – Each stage of the MIM process is verified according to control plans.
  • MIM parts are inspected visually and dimensionally to guarantee that the product meets customer most critical specifications.
  • We have a team of capable engineers and inspectors to conduct final inspection before the product is taken to the shelves to be sold.
  • Product identified as Non-conforming is handled according to the appropriate procedures that includes immediate quarantine to avoid being used and corrective action is implemented.
  • MIM counts on a state-of-the-art lab for the verification of important metal part features like hardness, carbon, micro hardness, density etc.