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Sectors we serve

Customer’s design, in general, demands high-strength material and great corrosion resistance properties, as well as smooth finishes. Our MIM house can supply some of the best materials to satisfy customer demands. Our customers include several industry sectors such as the firearms industry, consumer goods and medical devices.


Since we are in the industry business, we can create a solid relationship with our customers providing the maximum return on the investment during the project life cycle, especially in the firearm business. MIM technology has the unique potential to produce complex components that cannot be produced at a low cost using other processes. Our capabilities in machining, heat treatment and surface finish help to obtain the best potential in project cost. We can also use several material options to fit the most common uses in the industry.


MIM technology provides the distinctive ability to produce highly complex components with fine detail to maximize the potential of a design. We can provide MIM parts with intricate surface detail and custom surface finishes such as black oxide, gold plating, and nickel plating. We also count on capabilities in machining and heat-treating

Medical devices

We create solid relationships with our customers to provide the maximum return on the investment during the project life cycle.
Our control plans require us to control critical characteristics of the process at different stages. Also, We implement the Lean Six Sigma process throughout the year to improve our performance outcome. The material 316L grade stainless steel, as well as 174ph are particularly suitable for medical application requiring excellent corrosion properties.

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